Who we are ?

A & B Consulting is a consulting firm based in Dakar, Senegal and working exclusively on Monitoring, Evaluation and environmental impact assessments.
A & B Consulting has a pool of experienced consultants (both junior and senior) who have worked exclusively in development. Our team has mastery and experience consulting and building capacity on several major development and humanitarian themes, for several international agencies and several countries. Monitoring and evaluation of project activities are essential for assessing the progress made towards the goals and results. For the A & B Consulting team, we seek to improve Monitoring Evaluation systems as a means through which to ensure the best impact on the lives of beneficiary communities. We firmly believe that monitoring is more than just collecting information on the project. It is the systematic and continuous evaluation of progress over time by collecting and analyzing information and using that information to improve the work within the project and in the end the lives of beneficiaries. Evaluation is a periodic assessment of the results or impact of a project. Monitoring and evaluation become tools to identify strengths and weaknesses and to make sound and timely decisions.The environmental impact studies ex-ante or ex post allows us to anticipate, minimize or correct if necessary, any impact that our projects would leave in our environment. Their importance stems from the fact that we must work with all the effort possible to leave the least possible negative impact on the environment, when we try to implement a project. A & B Consulting is accredited duly registered and approved to compete on the requests of U.S. government agencies, the World Bank and NATO.
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