C’est l’activité qui consiste à déterminer et à ordonnancer les tâches du projet, à estimer leurs charges et à déterminer les profils nécessaires à leur réalisation.
Les objectifs de la planification sont les suivants :

• To determine whether project objectives have been achieved or exceeded
• To monitor and report project progress
• To allocate resources to particular tasks

Because we believe that the achievement of project results depends first and foremost on good planning and the establishment of a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system, A&B Consulting offers the highest quality services in these three areas to a range of development partners.
Specifically, the firm works in the following areas:

• Project design
• Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation systems
• Capacity building in Monitoring and Evaluation
• Troubleshooting Monitoring and Evaluation systems
• Training in Monitoring and Evaluation
• Technical and economic studies for development projects

If you are about to embark on planning a project, contact A&B Consulting to take advantage of our expertise in project planning and development.

We work in all areas related to community development including agriculture, education, health, water and sanitation, and infrastructure.

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