We believe that the monitoring we undertake of our projects must be totally participatory. The goal of participatory monitoring is to assess progress in project implementation and the achievement of results, while simultaneously promoting project ownership by communities. This is a key element of the project cycle, and helps ensure project success and sustainability.

Participatory project monitoring serves several purposes by:

• Facilitating problem identification and resolution
• Improving project performance and ensuring consistency with
predetermined criteria
• Providing the basis for technical and financial responsibility
• Building local capacity to carry out and successfully manage projects, and
• Promote the identification and dissemination of lessons learned by the
participants themselves.

Monitoring involves collecting and analyzing data related to project activities. Data should be easy to collect and to understand. The focus of monitoring is to use the knowledge acquired to correct and adjust project implementation and management in order to achieve project objectives. Participatory monitoring allows project participants to monitor project activities, to determine whether objectives are being achieved and make the necessary changes to improve project performance.

A&B Consulting offers a range of tools to enable the participation of all project stakeholders. These tools have been tested and put into action as part of numerous monitoring assignments undertaken on behalf of our partners.
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